Time To Get More Uncomfortable

Emmanuel Acho, sportscaster and former National Football League (NFL) linebacker, pens an interesting work called “Uncomfortable Conversations with A Black Man.” His book follows after his highly successful web series of the same title.

The book is broken down into three separate parts which flow from real questions that he has received from American whites who are concerned with the plight of American blacks. This is a deeply interesting format for a work of nonfiction. The emailed questions set up the topics for each chapter which allows for Acho to format his text similar to his web series.

I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to ad depth to their racial social and racial knowledge. It is a quick read with replete with recommendations for other authors/expert opinions and web resources to assist in community efforts to make human lives better.

Also, here is the link to his ongoing web series of the same name:



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Travis Green

Travis Green


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